Hygiene Bathroom Tissue (HBT)
Hygiene Bathroom Tissue (HBT)2Hygiene Bathroom Tissue (HBT)Hygiene-Bathroom-Tissue-(HB

Hygiene Bathroom Tissue (HBT )

Third generation of bathroom tissue.

  • Hygienic Bathroom Tissue – Is an Innovative, Unique replacement for Toilet Rolls .

The advantages of  HBT are as follows :-

  • One at time Dispensing. Using one hand only.
  • Not exposed to air as it is loaded in a dispenser.
  • Pre cut 125 sheets – 2ply ( sheet size -10.5 cm x 21cm ) packed in  a pouch .
  • The system itself will bring down the wastage of the tissues as compared to the normal toilet rolls .


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